Thursday, August 18, 2011

National Security Podcast Listing

Over the last few weeks, I've seen more and more interest on Twitter in National Security podcasts.  Some folks are just looking for decent ones (@ChrisAlbon characterized the existing ones as too "academic or Blackfive-ish"), but some folks are a step ahead and are willing to step into the breach (I'm listing @Selil and @NaheedMustafa here in an effort to shame them into producing the podcasts that they alluded to this week)

So, I went through this drill earlier this week and put together a list of NatSec and IR podcasts with the intention of reviewing them and screening for winners.  I'm giving up on that for now and instead just pushing them out with iTunes links and you all can decide for yourself.  If you want to put new ones in the comments (or send them to me on Twitter) I'll update the post as we go.

All links are iTunes unless otherwise noted.

Center for the Study of Governance and Transparency (10-part discussion discussing corruption in government).  This one has been very academic and niche so far.

Department of War Studies' Podcast (King's College) Ongoing podcast focused on "war, conflict and international security."  So far this has been the most accessible one that I have listened to.  Lots of noted names in the NatSec arena.

Wilton Park Dialogues Ongoing podcast that "forges links between ideas and policy; delivering practical results through dialogue" --I'm not so sure about all that, but worth trying out.

World Affairs Council (of Northern California) Ongoing podcast to "engage the most critical global issues of our day and connect to the ideas that lead to change." I don't know anything else about these folks, but the idea that they centered on Northern California may be an indication of the kind of politics you are going to get here.

Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (Oxford University) Ongoing podcast covering a wide-range of topics primarily centered on the application of ethics in war and conflict.

Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminars (Oxford University) Ongoing podcast focused on "issues of transition in societies recovering form mass conflict and/or repressive rule"

Politics and International Relations (Oxford University) Ongoing podcast focused more on the traditional IR side than National Security.

I would like to thank @dianawueger and @shloky for the recommendations to this list (by which I mean pretty much everything on this list).